The Usurai series is the thinnest, finest, machine made glass in the world. Made in Japan with extreme care for detail that seems to be the norm in th... read more


Set of 6 glasses

2 - 3 business days

A factory visit to Toyo Sasaki just outside Tokyo, Japan

The glass craftmasters of Japan have a minimum training of 15 years before they are a certified traditional craftmaster.

The hand-made glassware production is delicately guided by Certified Traditional Japanese Craftmasters, a prestigious prefectural title for artisans who have attained the highest level of skill and knowledge on traditional Japanese regional heritage crafts.
These Traditional Japanese Craftmasters are endorsed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Every master requires at least 15 years of experience in one of the designated regional heritage crafts of Greater Tokyo and must be in active practice of the craft. test