Kiya’s Danjuro is the top quality knife series made with incredible skill of the expert craftsman of the Kiya company. A tribute to the Kabuki Actor... read more


1 knife in traditional Japanese case

2 - 3 business days

About the makers:

Kiya has a distinguished history of making quality kitchen knives since Isuke Kato opened the first Kiya store in Japan in 1792.

Here at Okzident we selected two ends of the Kiya production spectrum, a company known for fusing traditional methods with the newest ‘high tech’ available. On the traditional side we selected the Danjuro series of two essential Japanese knives, the Shobu and Nakiri knives, suited for the smoothest sashimi and vegetable cuts respectively. These amazing pieces of true craftmanship have been made out of several layers of forged Super Blue “Aogami” steel with a super high carbon content for the best edge retention. Blue steel knives however demand a little bit of special care to keep them sharp and protection from corrosion.
We also selected the 333 series from Kiya, one of the ‘faces’ of the company, being a best seller for over 60 years. With its classic European kitchen knife lines it blends the best of both worlds resulting in a familiar knife with the outstanding quality we’ve come to admire from Japanese production methods.