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Okzident enters the wonderful world of fine tea

Drinking tea is rapidly developing in a direction we've seen earlier in the third wave coffee movement, away from mass market offerings. We're saying goodbye to the 'cheap tea bag'.

In the far east the quality of tea has always been high and tradition strong, the Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese have always kept their tea traditions alive. In the west we’re now finally catching up. The world of fine tea is maybe best compared to the layered and sometimes difficult world of wine, with its many varietals, flavours and regions.

We were lucky to meet with the people of Paper & Tea to guide us through the wonderful world of fine teas.

White Tea

Made from the tender buds and fresh, young leaves of early spring carefully wilted and dried, white teas are the least processed form of tea and merely tickled by oxidation. Once reserved as a tribute to the Chinese emperor, these delicate steeps are now revered by connoisseurs the world over for their complex aroma and natural sweetness.

Green Tea

Green tea, though not oxidized, is treated to a series of careful processing steps that result in its variety of aromas. Revered in Asia as a reviving tonic for over 5000 years, the leaves boast a sheer wealth of vitamins and minerals and have become a common staple of many a Western household.

Scents & Blends

The practice of scenting tea is centuries old, going back as far as China’s Song Dynasty. Inspired by this delicious tradition, we’ve created a selection of refined scents and blends using only the highest-quality base tea carefully mixed with all natural spices, flowers and essential oils.

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